Going Live | Real Time Content & Always On Planning
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Going Live | Real Time Content & Always On Planning

Workshop's Leader:

Since our inaugural Content | Campus we've seen real-time social media storytelling explode to become the single biggest priority for brands to consider and one of the biggest resource challenges to overcome. In this workshop, we'll be looking at what the impact of this trend means for your own content and social strategies and how teams need to reorganise their approaches to content and social in order to be ready and adequately resources for real-time content creation.

Looking at the key differences between Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, start thinking about how each channel can help tell your story in a different way and what's best for your brand. This is an interactive workshop so participants will have a quick deep dive look at the key differences in terms of approaches and audiences but then start planning out their own real-time story planning.

In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • Where always-on and real-time content has reached today
  • Why it's important, how it impacts your brand and how to be relevant
  • How to plan for always-on and be ready
  • Storyboarding a real-time content story
  • Thinking about partners, locations, venues, influencers and assets
  • How to gain traction and see results

The first interactive part helps brands to think about being 'always-on', how do you spot that next big conversation driver and how to do you ensure your brand is right at the centre of it, or at least highly relevant around the edges? Using giant worksheets, teams will be able to plan of the impromptu and take the surprise out real time.

Using Day 2 | Campus as our canvas, teams will be able to take their learnings on going live and produce exciting live coverage of the event itself. Starting out thinking about how to be organised right through to which channels will bring the best results and how to activate influencers and other media to perform for you, this workshop will get the creative juices flowing.

Do you want to try the new Snapchat Spectacles? Join this workshop!

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