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We know how important it is to host an event, making sure the concept of the event is communicated across the programme and that on the day the vibe and feel of the event is conveyed throughout the event. With our deep knowledge of how the industry works and our understanding about the background and context of speakers and their presentations, we can deliver a strong and coherent introduction to each speaker and each part of the programme.

For us hosting and moderating an event does not only mean to introduce each speaker but it really is an art to ensure speakers are at ease and keep to their time limits. A host and moderator will also ensure that connections are made between one speaker and the following one. It is also our job to make sure we think about all of the things that can go wrong before they do and ensure a confident and experienced host is there to help.

Finding interesting ways of engaging the audience can also help to stimulate further discussions between the audience and speakers. Even if the audience is shying away from actively engaging and asking questions, we can get the ball rolling and start with Q&As between attendees and speakers by gathering questions and comments from social media.

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