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Industry Events
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Industry Events

Working with the Digital Tourism Think Tank on your industry event and we'll creating a platform for innovation and digital which inspires, educates and engages.

The unique format behind our industry events is one that has created a stir in the tourism industry thanks to the refreshingly down-to-earth, relaxed and informal approach in which they're delivered.

Beyond the format and setup however, it is people who are at the centre of their success. We bring individuals together to share what they do best and create a space for promoting and discussing the impact of digital on the visitor economy.

Trust us to choose the right content, from designing a single session to organising a full three-day programme of keynotes, workshops and activities. Our highly experienced team can handle everything from suppliers and logistics, through to hosting and moderation and everything in-between. We are true unique in our knowledge of the tourism industry, our links to some of the best speakers worldwide and our passion for digital.

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