Assisted Mingling and Networking
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An essential part of the 2 Day conference are all the networking opportunities that attendees can benefit from. New Mind and tellUs clients can meet for the first time, get to know each other and also share and exchange experiences. To make sure that there are enough opportunities to start talking to other destinations of similar size and interests, we are introducing assisted mingling and networking to the conference. All participants get plenty of opportunities to talk to one another by having different coloured badges that will enable different destination interest groups to find each other and start talking.

Throughout the 2 days, everybody will have plenty of time during lunch and coffee breaks to talk to destinations they would normally not be able to meet, discuss challenges and exchange knowledge and experiences. During the lunch breaks, the different speakers and experts from the programme will also be available to answer further questions from participants or even to discuss the different topics and points made in their sessions.

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