Managing your Online Reputation
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696x400 Gassan Diamonds Headquarter

Gassan Diamonds Amsterdam

Admire the art of diamond polishing 

The masterclass on 'Managing Your Online Reputation' will be hosted in Gassan Diamonds' Headquarters in Amsterdam's city centre.

Gassan Diamonds is based in a beautifully renovated diamond factory, build in 1879. In 2013, Gassan Diamonds welcomed over 400.000 visitors and won the award for ‘Best Family Business in the Netherlands’.

Visitors can watch the diamond cutters executing their profession, while multi-lingual guides explain where the diamonds are found and how rough diamonds are being transformed into stunning diamonds. Loose polished diamonds are presented, as well as a broad collection of jewellery. After the tour, the visitors can enjoy a free drink at the coffee bar in the former boiler room and admire the wide range of jewellery and watches showcased in the in-house Boutique.

For over 400 years diamond cutters execute their handicraft. Gassan Diamonds is continuing this tradition and developed a special cut known as Gassan 121.

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