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Managing your online reputation

Managing your online reputation

The Digital Tourism Think Tank is hosting a masterclass on ‘Managing Your Online Reputation - working with review sites and bloggers’ in collaboration with ETOA. The importance of review sites and bloggers is ofter overlooked due to lacking knowledge, experience and resources. Therefore we are offering this advanced training course for tourism professionals and organisations all around Europe, to get hands on with their digital marketing and customer satisfaction strategies.

This masterclass is designed as an interactive masterclass in a classroom style format for hands-on learning on online reputation. In this masterclass our expert trainers will provide a holistic overview and in-depth insights on how to create, improve and protect your online reputation. Participants will learn about the key strategies, tools and requirements for successfully managing your online reputation.

We will have a bird-eye focus on TripAdvisor as a review site, this will help you to understand, benefit and work with their platform.

The masterclass will be held in Amsterdam on 15 May and will cover the following:

  • Tools and techniques for monitoring and measurement of online reputation.
  • Getting the most out of review portals such as TripAdvisor.
  • Successfully working with bloggers and key influencers.

As the masterclass will be hands-on and personally focussed, there are only limited places available. Make sure you register today and get your online reputation back on track!

Have a look on your right for all information you need and to register, or get in touch with us.

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