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Evernote Smart Moleskine

We are using the Smart Evernote Moleskine during our masterclasses. The Moleskine provide you the opportunity to digitally transport your thoughts. All notes you take during the masterclass can be moved to the online Evernote platform which means you can share your thoughts and continue the discussion with your colleagues when you’re back in the office. This way the Smart Evernote Moleskine will support a long lasting experience post-masterclass.

How does it work? Evernote’s Document Camera captures the notes and through their mobile application it will be saved to your personal digital Evernote platform. You can even use the smart stickers to categorise your notes. Have a look at this self-explanatory video and  see how easy it really is:

As you can see, using the Evernote Moleskine Notebook is pretty simple. Here are three  steps that you need to do before the Masterclass:

1. Create an Evernote account

2. Install Evernote on your mobile

3. Accept the invitation to our shared ETOA notebook

Please find more information about Evernote prior to the masterclass or during the masterclass here.

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