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In-house Training

Our in-house workshops provide custom content, that will address your specific needs and challenges. In-house workshops are typically organised on-site, at your own company or organisation. Our team of experts will contact you well in advance to discuss your specific needs, current issues and challenges.

For further information on the available modules, please download our Mobile Workshops brochure.


The benefit of choosing this options is that you will be able to define the format and timing, as well as the key modules that you would like us to include in the workshop. In-house training is ideal for both small companies, as well as big trams working on large collaborative projects.

Content formats

The purpose of the in-house workshops is that they deliver the most relevant content that caters to your specific needs. For this purpose, when you order an in-house workshop you will be able to select the modules you would like us to deliver.

If you are not sure about the most suitable modules, our team of experts will discuss with you your specific challenges and issues. They will advise on the most important topics that have to be covered.

Time formats 

A typical workshop combines both theoretical and practical content. This is why the workshops have been designed to extend a full day of learning and exercises. However, in-house training can be tailored to your specific needs, time availability and resources.

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