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Nicholas Hall

Moderating the Debate: Nick Hall

With more than 10 years experience working in digital tourism marketing, Nicholas has a broad knowledge of both the marketing sector and the tourism industry. Nick is founder of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, CEO of Consulting firm SE1 Media, Industry Director of the International Federation for IT & Travel and Tourism and comes with a wealth of industry knowledge as former Executive Director of the European Travel Commission.

Working daily with the leading players in digital and tourism, Nick is known as one of the industry's thought leaders in digital, supported by a team of creatives and researchers working passionately to identify leading cases of best practice and monitoring the latest trends.

The Expert Panel

An Expert Panel from of senior executives from Yahoo!, TripAdvisor, the European Travel Commission, European Cities Marketing, the International Federation of IT & Travel and Tourism and leading consultants from the industry will come together to provide thought provoking inside knowledge and bring challenging questions to the debate.

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