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Digital Native Walkshop

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The Digital Natives Walkshop will take a select number of participants on an interactive discovery of Kristiansand to learn how businesses can effectively engage with visitors on a social, local and mobile level. This is a unique opportunity to understand, learn and experience how actual travellers and digital natives are navigating themselves around a destination and what opportunities there are for tourism businesses and destinations. The Walkshop will particularly focus on Digital Natives as a group of travellers that are tech savvy and use a number of different digital channels and technologies when travelling and navigating around a town like Kristiansand.

All attendees of this first ever Digital Walkshop will navigate around Kristiansand and fulfil certain tasks along different routes and stops. They will learn how visitors can be turned into ambassadors and can help strengthen the reputation and awareness of different places of interest.

Through this active way of experiencing a destination, it will be much clearer to attendees of the Walkshop:

  • Which local marketing opportunities do businesses and destinations have
  • What content and information would consumers like to find
  • How are consumers engaging on social channels
  • What influences consumer decision making
  • What digital opportunities all marketers attending could tap into

Attendees of the walkshop will also come across certain challenges and problems that they will identify during the walkshop and document. At the end of the walkshop and after lunch, we will then hear from the different groups and discuss opportunities, identify challenges and also see how tourism businesses and destinations can overcome these.

10:00 - 13:00 Walkshop

The Digital Native Walkshop will start at 10am at the Clarion Hotel Ernst where the different groups will meet and we will brief all attendees. During the Walkshop one group member will document every step and once all stops are visited and tasks are worked through, all groups will return to the Hotel for lunch. After lunch, all groups will come together and different findings will be shared and the outcomes of the Walkshops will be discussed.

An example of different stops and topics Walkshop attendees will work through:

Stop 1: Managing Your Online Reputation
Stop 2: Location Based Marketing
Stop 3: Inspire with Instagram
Stop 4: Storytellers
Stop 5: Online and Open for Business

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