Mobile Experience Walkshop
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Mobile Experience Walkshop

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Satisfying the growing needs of hyper-connected and tech savvy travellers through great mobile user experiences has become critical, but more challenging than it might seem. At its core, a unique and memorable mobile experience requires that we understand who our customers are and what they need.

Often, we preach about this from the podium of the conference room or in front of the media projector, oblivious of the fact that mobile content is consumed on the go. For the first time this year, we bring our hands on learning exactly where mobile interaction unravels – outside, in the real world. A walkshop is a new kind of learning experience that combines an interactive workshop session, an urban walking tour, group discussion, and spontaneous exploration.

During this walkshop we will visit several key locations in Kristiansand and test on site how mobile products enhance tourists’ experiences. You will get a first hand experience of good and bad mobile solutions, learn about mobile context and the various strategies visitors adopt to find information and tackle challenges. A strong focus will be placed on how to make use of mobile user experience practices and guidelines in order to support and attract customers, rather than annoy and confuse them.

The Mobile Experience Walkshop will start at 10am at the Clarion Hotel Ernst where the different groups will meet and we will brief all attendees. During the Walkshop one group member will document every step and once all stops are visited and tasks are worked through, all groups will return to the Hotel for lunch at 12pm. After lunch, all groups will come together and different findings will be shared and the outcomes of the Walkshops will be discussed.


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