Product & Experience | Social Activation & Visitor Engagement
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Product & Experience | Social Activation & Visitor Engagement

Workshop's Leader:

This workshop is all about the visitor experience and how content is as much physical context as it is about engagement and consumption. Led by Martin Schobert, founder of Touismus design and one of the leading thinkers on experience design, the workshop will facilitate fresh thinking about how to 'hack' the customer experience and how to think about how we can activate our visitors to become content creators and see content as part of their brand experience.

During this workshop participants will be able to think about the wide range of best practices and ideas shared on how to rethink the visitor experience. From thinking about stand-out designs which fill conversation threads amongst key target communities to thinking about social product when looking at everything from menus to public spaces. From social activation to physical interaction, Martin's workshop will also look at new technology from beacons to digital signposting at how effective and relevant content married with connected tech can create a greatly improved experience for the visitor.

The workshop will explore thinking around the following:

  • Importance of experience design in travel & tourism
  • Role of content in the physical environment
  • Social activation of existing visitors
  • Hacking spaces and social product
  • Designing new product experiences

Participants will be given the chance to design their own product and visitor concepts, working in teams to incorporate new thinking and ideas around redesigning the visitor experience in Copenhagen. They'll be given the chance to pitch their ideas back, get critique from experts and start thinking for themselves about how they can apply some of the learnings back at home.

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