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Social Strategy & Distribution with Falcon

Workshop's Leaders:

By popular demand after last year's hotly discussed closing panel, we've teamed up with the guys at to give you an all day workshop on Social Strategy and Distribution. This workshop promises to be as helpful for your daily work in social as it is revealing for the deep insights that Falcon are able to share as one of the leaders worldwide in this space.

We're working closely with the Falcon team to put together a workshop which touches on key aspects of social media and helps you to think about your strategy and how to succeed in social. Led by an expert Falconeer in the equally inspiring surroundings of the Falcon HQ, you'll have a structured workshop on getting to the heart of your social media strategy, starting out looking at what's happening at the tip of the iceberg right down to what's going on in your social media workroom.

Expect this workshop to be informative, with lots of great insight shared by various Falconeers from a range of different perspectives. The workshop will focus on:

  • Social strategy at the core
  • Tone of voice
  • Goal setting
  • Distribution
  • Conversion
  • Creative

As an output of this workshop you'll develop a brand new social strategy with a design-led approach to working and taking on board the various moving components of the social media landscape from what people are saying about your brand to how your respond to that. You'll also learn from a variety of case studies which give you good insight to the work of other businesses on how they're approaching social as well as sharing your experiences with peers during the workshop.

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