Storytelling & Filmmaking | Production Planning & Facilitating Creatives
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Storytelling & Filmmaking | Production Planning & Facilitating Creatives

Workshop's Leader: Caspar Diederik, Story Travelers

Storytelling plays such a key role in how as brands we communicate the unique experiences that we have to offer and the authentic values which underpin it. In this workshop, we're going to be looking at how you can find the right approach as a brand to tell your story, whether that's stories you craft yourself or whether that's experiences you help others to share.

Putting storytelling in context, the focus of the workshop will be on filmmaking and how an immensely powerful piece of video content can define what a really amazing brand experience might look like to the consumer. As a content lead, you have the opportunity to be the Director and really craft that quintessential message but you also have the ability to help creatives and storytellers do the work for you.

In this workshop, you can expect to:

  • Understand how effective storytelling can underpin your brand voice
  • Explore different approaches to storytelling, from crafting to facilitating
  • Learn how to dig deep, identify and organise your brand stories
  • Think about production and the right approach for you
  • Learn, explore and test different production techniques
  • Plan how to facilitate others to tell your story for you

Explore different approaches to brand content, from authentic and powerful story-driven content to adrenalin and emotion-charged experiential content. In this workshop you'll also get hands-on with content too, testing out different techniques with filmmaking and production a central component in the interactive part.

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