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The Bar Camp provides open workshops that are facilitated by an expert in the field. Four areas in digital were identified beforehand by ETC members that will each be lead by an expert in the field. The areas include content, social, mobile and big data. It is in the hand of ETC members to define the most pressing issues that the expert will pick up on the day. Comments can be submitted in the programmes section of the website. These will be collected and then discussed between the expert and all attendees on the day.

All sessions will be supported by both the expert’s knowledge and expertise, along with best practice examples and experiences from within the ETC eMN group members. We will coordinate and prepare topics that were submitted by ETC members and on the day, ETC members can still post questions on dedicated topic boards. All experts will synthesise the issues into a channeled discussion and link between the different areas within the topic.

The open, informal and interactive setting of a Bar Camp will enable members to share experiences with one another in the different areas. Issues or open questions will be discussed, and solutions and recommendations can be given. The goal is for the experts to come prepared to answer any questions, and to steer and facilitate the discussion, in order to get everyone talking and sharing good and bad experiences that eMN members had in the 4 areas of digital.

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