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Suppliers & Logistics

Our event logistics team are involved in all stages of the event lifecycle, handling every little detail in order to meet the client requirements. We take care of the whole pre-event and on-site logistics in order to make sure your event runs smoothly.

What does this mean for you as a client? You don't need to worry about sourcing and dealing with the huge string of suppliers required to make any event a success, we take care of everything including local contractors.

This includes:

  • Handling all printing requirements
  • Securing off-site venues and catering
  • Delegate accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Registration, sales and ticketing
  • Liaison with local videographers
  • Sourcing of social venues

We work both remotely and locally to ensure you get the best value production and always delivered to the highest possible standard. Our UK based suppliers handle key components such as printing, design and merchandise solutions and for the rest we work with local suppliers to deliver services on the ground.

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