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The Digital Tourism Innovation Campus 2013 has come to an end. We experienced two full days of learning, networking and socialising. Everyone walked away with a mind full of ideas and lots of inspiration. In order to make sure no one will forget this year’s DTIC experience, we hereby present all event material anyone might need.

DTIC 2013 Survey

We aim to develop the Digital Tourism Innovation Campus each year and in order to do so, we need your help! We would like to ask all attendees to complete this survey and provide us with your highly valued comments and feedback.

DTIC 2013 Presentations

We are very pleased to share the keynote presentations with all campus attendees. The presentations are confidential and should therefore not be shared with anyone outside the campus.

Please check the Presentations Day 1 and Presentations Day 2 pages where you can find and unlock the presentations with your private password.

We captured your experience

We have captured the entire campus on video in order to showcase the quality, atmosphere and setting of our annual campus. Photos can be found in the “Photo Gallery” and a recap video will be online soon so please bear with us!

Future of the Digital Tourism Think Tank 

Save the date! DTIC 2014 will be held on 20 and 21 November in Barcelona next year. The venue will be announced soon, so keep an eye open… you will be amazed.

The Digital Tourism Think Tank is continuously developing. Next year we will be going to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and all throughout Europe! If you like to read more about us and the Digital Tourism Think Tank events, have a look on your name badge (which is also a USB) where lots of interesting info and articles can be found. If you have not attended this year, note that all our activities can also be followed on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

One of the major platforms that we will be setting up next year is the membership platform. Please note that you can still sign up as an early ambassador and feel free to contact us for more information!

DTIC Awards

Are you representing a NTO or DMO who have just released an innovative and exciting digital strategy? Would you like to be awarded for your great work? Then do not hesitate to sign up for one of our awards in six different categories. We will announce the winners throughout the beginning of 2014 and trust us… you will be surprised!

European Commission

On behalf of Mr. Pedro Ortun, Director DG Enterprise and Industry at European Commission, we would like to share a couple of links that are of great interest to the European tourism industry:

Evening Programme

Lastly, feel free to visit and rate your experience at Bar Sifo. We hope you had fun!

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