Digital DMO Debate
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In the Fish Tank

Heading up the roundtable debate will be Nick Hall, founder of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, joined by a selection of industry experts. We will open the session with a short keynote offering leading insights about the latest trends in digital and heading quickly to key questions on the how DMOs are planning and justifying further investment in digital promotion.

Putting questions first to our tourism industry guests, we will be talking about relevancy and finding out what a DMO needs to do to stay relevant, when visitors have so many alternative places to get information. We will be highlighting some best practices but also challenging DMOs to justify where they invest in digital.

Our field-specific expert panel are expected bring supporting arguments as to why DMOs should be investing in mobile, social, display, PPC, Blogtrips and content. They'll be asked to go further than just advocacy but to demonstrate where their field in digital fits into the visitor buying cycle and how to measure return on investment in terms of the real impact on the visitor economy.

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