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An Innovation Day or Destination Hack has a thoroughly structured programme, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves into creative and out of the box thinking for one or more days.

Essentially the day is a competition in which participants start by identifying a problem or challenge and find solutions to overcome these. Through working in small groups, individuals work collaboratively and conceptualise a problem. Ideas are thrashed out and a strategy behind the concept is developed. Through the combined skills in each team, it is much easier to develop a strategy for taking one idea and concept forward. During the course of the day, participants share information and learn from each other, resulting in innovative solutions.

The programme of an Innovation Day or Destination Hack always follows the same structure:

Step 1 - Identify the problems / needs - Starting the day, it is important to identify the problems and needs that should be solved as part of the event. Collecting them and narrowing down what each group will focus on individually is an important first step. Ensuring the challenge is not too big is equally important, approaching it quite practically.

Step 2 - Develop ideas into solutions - After narrowing down ideas, it is an important step to define the focus and develop ideas into actual solutions. This is the core focus for the majority of the day, ensuring that ideas are developed with the help of facilitators that can lend their expertise and knowledge.

Step 3 - Concept and pitch - To be able to get a concept ready for a pitch, the core focus needs to be defined further and the outcome summarised. Preparing a pitch helps participants to complete the creative and innovative process from planning, delivering to closing the innovative process.

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