Travel Thinkathon 2015
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This year we have something really exciting coming up, our very first Travel Thinkathon which we are organising on 18th November, hosted by Telefonica in the Mobile World Centre right in the heart of Barcelona. The idea behind the Travel Thinkathon is to get groups of five from different DMOs and travel trade to work together on putting forward ideas and working on concrete concepts that can be implemented by the industry in 2016.

To make sure the event does not just stop at ideas, we are bringing in industry leaders to support them with their expertise and services. Our belief is that thanks to the innovative concept of the Thinkathon facilitating co-collaboration of industry leaders, tourism will get the awareness, reach and visibility it deserves and DMOs will be inspired and motivated continue working on putting concepts and campaigns into practice throughout 2016.


1. Idea Generation

Starting the Thinkathon, the groups of five attendees will start working on raw ideas and concepts for ‘Your 2016 Marketing Calendar', turning the ideas gradually into a full marketing schedule and activities for 2016 working collaboratively together. During the idea generation part of the Thinkathon, the attendees will start working out a strategic and focused approach to put campaigns and marketing activities into practice but across the industry.

2. Advice & Development Clinics

The second part of the Thinkathon offers attendees the opportunity to meet industry leaders for short meetings to discuss areas such as media planning, strategic input, consumer intelligence, etc. This can really help attendees crafting ideas to become real marketing opportunities of course taking into consideration how they could really use the offering of industry leaders to achieve a successful marketing calendar.

3. Concept Pitch & Winners

The last part of the day is focused on each group presenting what they have worked on throughout the day to all attendees and industry leaders taking part in the Travel Thinkathon. These presentations and concept pitches will help our set of judges to identify the best idea and concept and find the winning concept(s).


For tourism professionals in charge of digital marketing, attending the Thinkathon is a no brainer, as it can bring ideas, concepts and solutions as part of an annual marketing plan that they can follow. This can really help them going beyond working within their organisations and teams to work collaboratively with the entire industry on something that can get them the exposure and attention.

Join us for the Travel Thinkathon, think about the hottest trends, pitch your best campaign and the best idea will get the chance to win!


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