Virtual Roundtable 2014
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Virtual Round Table Introduction and Objectives

15:00Introduction to the content and purpose of the Virtual Round Table.

Setting the scene

Mobilisation 2.0 - The newest statistics and findings about mobile

Mobile hot trends in 2014 - Wearables, Augmented Reality, Flat Design, Adaptive Content, Context-Awareness.

Virtual round table discussion - Current mobile trends and challenges

Sophisticating the Mobile Destination Website

Delivering a unique customer experience on the mobile website

Fast and effective approaches to improve the customer experience with mobile websites

Best practice mobile DMO websites - send by mid next week

Virtual round table discussion

Effective Content for the Mobile App

Memorable customer experience through the mobile app

Effective approaches to improve the mobile app

Best practice mobile DMO apps

Virtual round table discussion

Mobile User Research

The importance of mobile user research

Newest trends and research findings

Fast and effective approaches to do mobile user research

Case studies and best practices

Virtual Round Table wrap up

16:20Conclusions and summary of the Virtual Round Table

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