VR Storytelling with Visualise
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VR Storytelling with Visualise

Workshop's Leader: Arnaud Baernhoft Senior Virtual Reality Producer at Visualise

We're really thrilled to have Visualise delivering this one day workshop on how to achieve really impactful storytelling with virtual reality. The leaders of this workshop are VR specialists who help brands to craft outstanding immersive content through custom technologies, singular production processes and an empathy-based approach to storytelling.

From ideation and filming through to editing, development and delivery, this workshop will deep-dive helping you think about how you're able to turn your ideas and concepts into viable VR storyboards crammed with tips and tricks from pros who are working on some of the biggest VR content pieces that exist today.

You'll be able to work in teams and explore different approaches to VR, looking through case studies, adopting a structured method of design-led thinking and putting concepts onto storyboards. Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • Laying out main issues and opportunities for VR
  • Thinking about VR from the perspective of stakeholders and partners
  • Thinking in a unique way
  • Developing ideas and concepts that live well in VR
  • Matching ideas and approaches with brand needs

Through a process of co-creation and with the support of the Visualise expert team, groups will be able to develop VR concepts and ideas as part of the workshop around different needs, approaches and scenarios which commonly apply in travel and tourism.

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