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This seminar is an introduction to the series and offers a complete insight into what it means to be small and medium sized businesses welcoming visitors in 2015. We will look at the change taking place in the industry and offer businesses wanting to get-ahead and succeed the opportunity to understand what’s driving change and how to embrace it.

Video Timings:

00:04 - Introduction by Nick Hall

02:00 - Interview with Laura Bujalance, founder of Surya Retreats

05:36 - Nick Hall presents: The Internet Basics

09:56 - Ramona Wagner presents: From Offline to Digital: What do we mean by change?

14:33 - Interview with Paul Stephen from Sagittarius Marketing

24:03 - Interview with Tourism Expert Luis Costa

39:08 - Discussion with Laura Bujalance and Paul Stephen

43:29 - Interview with Borja Saracho from Underwater Wines and Neil Lapping from Macs Adventure

1:02:28 - Closing comments and tweets

1:03:48 - Interview with Pedro Ortún from European Commission

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