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This seminar introduces the topic of mobile and explains how mobile is already a part of and will increasingly dominate every aspect of travel. As something that businesses need to be aware of, the learnings will help them understand the changes taking place and help them prepare for it.

It will explain how mobile is impacting decisions and opinions at every point in the buying cycle and highlight quick-wins, strategic approaches and new opportunities. The learnings will be both practical and educational and show how to begin planning for and thinking about mobile. 


Introduction by Nick Hall

03:30 Interview with Laura Bujalance | Surya Retreats


20:35 Interview with Davide Dalpiaz | MUSE Science Museum, Trento

30:38 Interview with Peter Symons | Ojoo

40:55 Ramona Wagner Presents - MOBILE: BABY STEPS TO SUCCESS

48:16 Interview with Björn Jooz and Daan Richards | Prophets Agency

1:06:30 Interview with Lukáš Nevosád | Tripomatic

1:20:05 Viewer Questions & Discussion

1:25:05 Concluding Interview with Pedro Ortún | European Commission

1:31:17 Series Wrap Up with Nick Hall and Ramona Wagner

1:33:54 Final Tips from Experts

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