Alex Bainbridge

Alex has 20 years experience in the local tour and activity sector - what you do when you get to a destination. He describes himself as both technical and commercial. This gives him a unique position to be able to visualise both what the future may be, how it should be built, and how it may be commercialised.

Alex founded TourCMS, the original leader in tours & activities online travel agent distribution providing reservation system and distribution technology to hundreds of local tour operators, and ran that business for 10 years until its successful sale in October 2015.

Highlights of this period include working with the industry-leading sightseeing brand GrayLine providing online travel agent distribution services from 2012 onwards (TourCMS still runs this service today). In multi-day tour distribution, Alex created, with TourRadar, the first industry end-to-end solution connecting live reservation system availability with travel agent distribution.

In 2016, Alex launched Uptaste – a local food tour & experience aggregator – hence he now knows what it takes to be an API connected travel agent in the tours & activities sector.

Alex wrote the Musings on Travel E-commerce blog from 2007 to 2009 (424 posts) and wrote for Tnooz (71 posts) 2009 to 2017. Alex has run six tour & activity industry-wide pitch evenings at World Travel Market (2011-2016) on behalf of the Small Fish Big Ocean forum (and as part of the TourCMS business). Creating a community around the local tour sector is part of his DNA.

Alex still writes code on a daily basis. Currently builds apps using Ionic / Angular. He believes innovations are more likely to be technical than commercial so innovators should be technical. He is also on the advisory board of Travel Tech Lab (London) – the Mayor of London’s travel startup centre of excellence.

He blogs, publishes destination technology research and assists local experience providers at DestinationCTO.

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