André Kiwitz

Founder of and resident travel guru, Andre has already seen more of the world than most people do in their lifetime. It’s his vision and passion for travel that drives the rest of us to always perform at our highest, whether that’s searching for the next great adventure or developing an innovative new travel technology.

Andre credits the year he spent backpacking around the world after high school with sparking his passion for adventure. Since then he has lived in South America for 11 years, during which time he fell in love with the culture and people of Colombia. For him the highlight of traveling is getting to meet new people, eating local dishes and experiencing new cultures firsthand. That's why he was so inspired to start He wants to help other people experience the same thrill of travel by connecting them directly to the local experts. He's proud of the team he has assembled for and loves coming in to work with the most talented people he can think of.

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