Caspar Diederik

Caspar - is a traveler, he is a curious teller of artistic digital stories and lover of natural things...His life changed dramatically four years ago as he left a managerial position in a direct marketing and sales company, moved from his home, the Netherlands, to southern Italy he began building his dream. His background in social cultural science, paired with a lifelong love of photography, eventually led to the creation of the several travel storytelling projects. He founded StoryTravelers, a tribe of digital storytellers who chase and cultivate authentic experiences around the globe and recount them in evocative ways. His work is more than “making videos”, travelling the world and sharing photos on social media. It’s all of this melded together with unlimited creativity, a passion for real connections and experiences and the ability to share his unique vision with the world.

Already his videos have received attention all over the globe and his journeys are read and shared daily by many followers and fans. Today Caspar’s work is much sought after by national tourism boards and marketing campaigners from Germany to South Africa, Canada to Mauritius. He is currently based in Matera, Southern Italy, where his professional journey began, but he is always considered self-sufficient and independent of place, ready for any exploit!

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