Emil Spangenberg

Emil is an independant communication, branding and digital consultant with expert knowledge and experience in tourism, travel, tech and experience/entertainment marketing.

As a professional, Emil help organizations and businesses realize and execute strategy and bring visions from paper to people.Emil facilitates workshops, executive meetings, conferences and strategy days. Emil gives international key note talks on digital travel marketing, visual communication and leadership in the destination field.Em

Emil has 10+ years international experience as a project manager, head of digital, int. PR lead and communication director. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Some of his project includes:
- Strategy reviews and workshops
- Recruitment and team development
- Executive talks and advisory reviews
- Trend translations and implementations.
- Content strategy and execution / production planning
- Platform and media strategy and execution
- Work with Influencers
- Idea generation
- Storytelling and brand element development

He transforms teams and organizations, build strategies, think digital, build storytelling frameworks, PR and influencer collaborations, advise on executive / political level. And he (always) aim for pushing the status quo.
He believe that teams that work together is great, but teams that trust each other are even better. He believe that an open and honest idea-culture, is absolute key for future organizations - and he believe that the future looks bright.


Core Competencies

  • Leadership, Management & Transformation
  • Content & Creative
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
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