Evgenia Egorova

Evgenia Egorova. Born in the USSR in 1981. Almost became a teacher of English and French, but the travel industry got to her first. Moved to Norway in 2003 and got her second Masters in Tourism and Hospitality from the University of Tromsø. Worked at the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes, the Rock Carving Museum in Alta, at a hotel in the fjords of Norway and in a touroperator office in Paris. There was even a stop for 2 years with the contemporary cross-border Art Festival. With Northern Norway Tourist Board since 2010, working mainly with Social, as well as Asia. Kissed a wolf 5 times, went surfing in the Norwegain sea twice, came up with the terms of "the Tarantino effect on Social" and "every destinaiton has its Panda".

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