Gerrie Smits

Gerrie Smits is a consultant, coach and keynote speaker.

He’s fascinated by the impact of digital and technology on our organisations, our products, our communications and our society. Gerrie has got 20+ years of experience in industries that got disrupted by the internet, so that makes him a hands-on expert.

His clients range from big corporates to government; from telco, over fashion brands to Artificial Intelligence start-ups. He’s currently also Program Director at Antwerp Management School / Karel de Grote Hogeschool for the post-graduate professional course ‘Digital Business’.

As a consultant, he helps companies make the most of these changes. By matching tech development and trends to user needs and cultural shifts, he identifies what the next steps can be for different parts of the business: product, marketing, culture, IT, process, HR,…
It’s less about digital strategy and more about strategy for a digital world.

As a speaker, he combines his practical experience with inspiration and challenging insights. He looks at trends for what they’re worth and makes people look at things differently. He’s driven by the need for innovation and challenging the status quo, but he’s old enough to know the value of good old common sense.

Words he uses (too) often are "relevance", "facilitate", "why" and "user needs”.

Before he fell in love with the internet, he wrote about music, studied linguistics, made television, founded 2 agencies in London.

Core Competencies:

  • Leadership, Management & Transformation
  • Content & Creative
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Analytics, Data & Measurement
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