Joantxo Llantada

Joantxo is one of our #DTTTawards judge for the social media category where he identifies this year's award winning best in class destination for social media. Born at Bilbao, north of Spain. He studies the Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing at ESIC in the city of Valencia, Spain. He is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and product development services, services design, leisure, hospitality and tourism. Since 1989 he works in the marketing department of the brand of Comunitat Valenciana in Spain working in the development and management of the Autonomous Government of Valencia Tourist Info network, and since 1996 he works in the Marketing Department specially focused on marketing and promotion of products and markets of interest.

He is been responsible for the marketing strategy of the brand Comunitat Valenciana in Canada, USA and South America, as well as the rural tourism product, golf tourism and gastronomic tourism. He is also responsible for travel promotion 2.0 programs, organising social events and blogtrips. He has develop the program, as well of the BlogtripF1, BlogtripFIB and Blogtrip LowCost. Specialist in tourism and leisure society 2.0 and marketing and management tools of the web 2.0. As in transmedia storytelling and trainer in management development and content strategy for leisure and entertainment aimed at the tourism sector and DMO’s. Strategist and technician responsible for developing the marketing plan 2.0 Comunitat Valenciana brand. Today the area is also promoting Market Intelligence under the INVAT.TUR, the Valencian Institute of Technology Tourist-ups.

He has taken courses about Operational Research and Systems, Project Management, Manager of Cultural Tourism, Rural Tourism, Tourism Policy… among others. He frequently participates in seminars and specialised training courses in sustainable development, rural tourism, and gastronomy, sports and nature tourism. He also collaborates as a professional teacher with the following institutions on a regular basis: Catholic University of Valencia-MBA Tourism and Leisure, University of Castellón UJI-MBA Marketing and Tourism, Polytechnic University of Valencia at the Department of Marketing and Tourism Management Master in Rural Areas, University Juan Carlos I of Madrid, Institute de Empresa of Madrid, ITH Tourism Hotels Institute, University of La Florida from Valencia, CEET from Barcelona, UNIA from Málaga, the Summer University at the Congress “Marca Extremadura”, the Cabildo La Palma Island (Canary Islands), the City hall of Elche, the Chamber of Congress of Jaen, Valencia, Oviedo, the Castellon Marketing Club…

Joantxo also has participated as speaker at upscale professional international training seminars and conferences such as Eyesfortravel in Prague and Holland, Enter Austria 2011, Google Think Travel Spain, Fitur Know How conferences in Fiturtech, Microsoft The Cloud Conference, FICOD, Touroperators Association of Argentina... He is specialist in innovation, services design thinking, new business models, destination management systems, destination marketing, wine tourism and gastronomy, rural tourism, nature and nautical tourism among others...

Professional teacher in the national Spain's School for Industrial Organisation-EOI attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in the areas of marketing and commerce, business strategy, tourism, digital economy, and information technology. He also has participated as a presenter and speaker in the 64 workshops in 2012, training more than 1.800 tourist professionals and companies along Spain for who is the public corporate entity attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) which is responsible for promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain.

Member of expert committee of the Tourism Marketing Plan of Spain of the brand "I need Spain" in the areas of Product Marketing and Social Media and Destinations where he participated as an expert. He is Marketing Strategist of the City of Elche Plan and the Island of La Palma, La Isla Bonita. He is been an expert advisor of tourism products and markets for the European Union program "Odyssey" which links the sea with entertainment inside, as in the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Spain.

Joantxo's Expertise

  • e-Marketing
  • Innovation and Social Media in Tourism
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