Martin Stoll

Martin Stoll is the founder and CEO of Sparkloft Media, a Portland (Oregon) based social media agency and think tank. The company is focused on providing clients in the travel, consumer goods and outdoor industries with insights on and solutions for integrating social media into their marketing and communications mix. As a self-admitted data-junkie, Martin focuses on researching and identifying social trends that shape consumer behavior. Martin speaks around the world at travel industry conferences because of his thought leadership on social media optimization and future trends. Before diving deep into social media, Martin worked as a travel journalist as well as for Lufthansa German Airlines in various sales and marketing positions in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Martin has been working in the social tourism space since 2006 and for decades before in the travel and tourism industry. Martin speaks regularly at industry conferences, large and small, and delivers his concepts in a personal and humorous manner. Trending topics change on a rapid basis in social media and Martin prides himself on staying informed of emerging industry trends.

Martin's Expertise

  • Transmedia Storytelling - How it works for DMOs
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Real-time marketing
  • From Social Media to Social Business
  • From CEO to CIO
  • The Expiration of Innovation
  • What Travel Marketers can learn from Hollywood
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