Mille Marcussen

Mille Marcussen, Sociologist, Senior Advisor at Wonderful Copenhagen.
Travellers should no longer simply be described as tourists – they are explorers of the world, discoverers of culture and observers of differences. Much the same, Mille should not simply be termed a tourism researcher. In Wonderful Copenhagen, we strive to base all our work on firm knowledge and insights.
This requires hard-core research competence, but also the courage to explore and challenge the way your colleagues think and work.
Mille is our main challenger. She approaches any and all research problems with emphasis on the importance of creating the best possible analysis design with the most suitable research methods.
While particularly well-versed in the spheres of qualitative analysis and method triangulation, Mille has extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research fields. Her main driving force is to generate strong knowledge that creates value and can be transformed into tangible action and products.
Mille is behind the analysis “The Digital City Traveller”, which describes why and how city travelers use social platforms, while on the road. In the analysis, Mille has put special focus on the demands of travellers, which they most commonly seek to meet through their use of social media.

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