Ramona Wagner

Ramona currently works as SE1 Media’s and the Think Tank’s Programmes Director, overlooking and managing all activities from research to consultancy, partnerships and events. On a day to day basis, Ramona works closely with the Think Tank’s experts, partners and clients when developing strategies, managing projects and preparing programmes and content for industry events and workshops. Being part of the Think Tank Team from the start, Ramona has also spoken at several events, giving insights into best practice in digital marketing and innovative use of technologies by the tourism industry. Heading the research team at SE1 Media and the Think Tank, Ramona is also looking at latest developments in the tourism industry and monitoring what destinations worldwide are doing with regards to social media, content, campaigns, mobile and their overall strategies. Identifying and showcasing thought leadership in digital is also supported by Ramona through producing content for the Think Tank site and also providing recommendations to clients when working with them on developing their digital marketing strategies.

Having studied marketing and tourism, Ramona has a solid understanding of destination strategies and specialises in digital marketing, particularly in developing and conducting benchmarks for the tourism industry looking at the digital profile of destinations and pulling out best practice examples. Ramona has looked at hundreds of destinations, analysing best practice approaches of destinations using digital technologies and applications, identifying opportunities and recommendations for tourism destinations to remain competitive on the market. Over the years, Ramona has developed several methodologies and approaches with regards to benchmarking destinations worldwide and has also published journal articles about this topic both in English and even translated into Chinese.


Core Competences:

  • Benchmarking
  • Destination Best Practices
  • Digital marketing
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