Stefan Pettersson

As an executive brand strategist and concept developer for the travel industry, Stefan Pettersson has offered his knowledge and skills to several entrepreneurs. Stefan also works as a supervisor for independent, small and middle sized business owners, he has taught entrepreneurs strategic marketing, market communication, sales and concept development. Having worked as a marketing director for the city of Uppsala, Stefan was in charge of the city's brand communication, marketing strategies and project management. Prior to that, he was responsible for the development of the Stockholm Visitors Center with the mission to serve around 6500 visitors per day.

Stefan has gathered a lot of experience working for several destinations but also supporting entrepreneurs and tourism businesses in developing exciting tourism products and aligning those with the overall destination experience. For Stefan, the key to better business lays in taking the time to really get to know your customer and understand what makes them tick. Making sure your destination and business stand out from competitors is critical when trying to reach your business goals. The value of your brand is reflected by associations and therefore it is crucial to have a strong brand promise.

Before you get started, it is important to go on a journey of discovery about your 'hero' customer. Be relentless about finding and understanding your target audience and focus on your hero customer. Create a strong brand promise and as a reflection of that, work on creating professional products and services that can help attract more customers and visitors.

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