Focus & Consistency | Tone of Voice & Niche Content Marketing

In this workshop, you can expect to deep dive on the subject of focus and consistency, looking at how to find the right 'tone of voice' for your for your brand and how to really master niche content marketing as a central driver in your content strategy.

Led by the content team at Wonderful Copenhagen, the team will take you on a journey exploring and delving deep into their content processes. During the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to see how the WoCo team champion editorial inspiration over a catalogue approach. In the workshop, participants will look at the following areas:

  • Website makeover from an editorial perspective
  • Cross pollination in content distribution
  • Writing styles and techniques
  • Content formats, types and value
  • Importance of brand consistency cross-media
  • Evolution of search and considerations today
  • How to approach new markets and adapting content

The workshop is designed to be informative and interactive, getting participants to both learn by sharing but also learn by doing. As part of the break-out part of the workshop, groups will work in teams where they can put to test some of the ideas shared by the WoCo team and start developing a storyboard mapping out their own story within one of five given brand themes. Taking a story from a concept and mapping out how that can be told across different channels, using different techniques and formats and broken into different segments and fragments, teams be encouraged to think both strategically and creatively before pitching their ideas back to the group.

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