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We are so excited to be welcoming such an incredible line-up of speakers for this year's #DTTTGlobal

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Welcome to Espoo

Jaana Tuomi & Nick Hall |Espoo Marketing & #DTTT

This year we are excited to be bringing the 2019 edition of #DTTTGlobal to Espoo, the second largest city in Finland and a hive of innovation. It was also named as the first ever Travel Region of the Year in Finland in 2018, and 2019 is set to be a year of culture and top-class events. Which of course includes #DTTTGlobal.


Developing a Platform for Innovation in Tourism with Espoo Marketing

Jaana Tuomi |Espoo Marketing

This year, Helsinki Marketing is joining forces with Espoo Marketing - the perfect combination of hosts to kick off #DTTTGlobal, set to bring you heaps of ideas, inspiration and innovation.
Jaana Tuomi, CEO of Espoo Marketing, will be opening with some inspiration from recent innovations in Espoo, and how the city is constantly innovating with new start ups and initiatives.


Think Sustainably with Helsinki Marketing

Tia Hallanoro |Helsinki Marketing

Kicking off with Helsinki Marketing who will be joining us to host for the 2nd year running at #DTTTGlobal, and we are excited to hear all about its continuous efforts in promoting sustainable development within the city of Helsinki with its new service platform "Think Sustainably".

This unique service will enable both locals and visitors to find the most sustainable experiences, companies and services in the city based on a sustainability criterion tailor-made for Helsinki. We can't wait to hear more!



Marketing Collectively with OnlyLyon

Camille Lenoble & Blandine Thenet |OnlyLyon

Following its fellow 'European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019' winner, OnlyLyon will be joining us to talk about how they won this significant accolade and what it has meant to the destination in terms of on-going developments with a smart perspective.
Alongside this, they will be showcasing the OnlyLyon Experience project, sharing insights on the opportunities, challenges and learnings of building this vast partnership database to offer a better visitor experience and to combat overtourism.



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DMO Digitalisation - Lessons Learnt

Pierre Bouton |Federation of Breton Tourist Offices

Technology has enabled DMOs to streamline and unify processes throughout the destination, effectively allowing all key stakeholders to work from a single combined vision and no longer in silos as before.
The Federation of Breton Tourist Offices (OTB) will be joining us to share what it takes to succeed as a Regional DMO, with insights into the journey behind connecting all the DMOs part of OTB, understanding the importance of the brand and how to prioritise things like digitalisation and support for businesses to be innovative and grow.


Developing a DMP with Austurland, East Iceland

María Hjálmarsdóttir & Daniel Byström |Visit Austurland

Over the last few years, tourism has established itself as one of Austurland's primary industries, and after building a new DMO in 2017, it began developing its Destination Management Plan.
A long-term vision designed to strengthen the local tourism support frameworks while taking into account the needs of all stakeholders involved, from the visitors to local residents and businesses. Visit Austurland will be revealing what they've been working on, the value of a DMP and how they implemented this project, and the valuable lessons learnt in finding the balance between sustainable tourism and keeping all stakeholders on board and happy.


Perspective 2030 with The Netherlands Board of Tourism

Charel van Dam | NBTC Holland marketing

The Netherlands Board of Tourism will be joining us to talk about its new vision 'Perspective 2030'. Sustainability underpins the future vision whereby the ultimate goal is for every Dutch person to benefit from tourism by 2030. The NBTC will share insights on the opportunities and challenges of tourism in today's climate, a shift from destination promotion to destination management and a significant focus on shared interests and putting local residents first.






Join the Preservolution! Ensuring a Sustainable Future for an Unspoiled Destination

Levi Hanssen & Jóhan Pauli Helgason |Visit Faroe Islands

How do you develop tourism and preserve a fragile island destination at the same time? The Faroe Islands has experienced an increase in visitors in recent years, with some popular nature areas feeling the effects. Visit Faroe Islands has laid out a sustainable tourism development strategy that focuses on preserving the country’s most vital resource while evolving responsibly. Their ‘Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism’ campaign, which saw the islands close 10 popular tourist sites and invite 100 voluntourists to help preserve and maintain them, is grounded on the vision outlined in the “Join the Preservolution” strategy.



Designing a Sustainable Nation
Visit Finland's 7 Steps Approach

Liisa Kokkarinen |Visit Finland

Finland is already a strong leader when it comes to clean, green living and is widely known for its unspoilt nature and unique culture. We are really excited to see that the Visit Finland team are putting new initiatives in place to develop this even further, tackling the challenge of sustainability from both an ecological and sociological viewpoint, nationwide.

This year, Visit Finland has launched its new 7 step approach to designing a sustainable nation, and Liisa Kokkarinen, Regional Partnership Manager, will be joining us to share her insights on the work that has gone into this new programme.



Interview on Sustainable Goals with Stefano Ravelli, CEO of Visit Valsugana-Lagorai

Stefano Ravelli | Visit Valsugana-Lagorai

Valsugana Tourism have been following with great interest the developments happening in the tourism industry related to sustainable tourism and in particular the UNWTO's Sustainable Development Goals. Thinking about what this means for Valsugana as a destination, the team have fully invested themselves in thinking about how to start to shift the conversation around tourism, it's impact, the opportunity. As a destination, the key question for them is how to adopt the right kind of leadership to change or embrace a positive step forward in and through tourism. At an early point in the journey, perhaps with more questions than answers, Stefano Ravelli will be joining us on stage to discuss this and kick-start an interactive discussion on the topic of sustainability with the audience.




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Premier Event - What Have You Missed?

Nick Hall |DTTT

You couldn't make it to Haltia last night, well here is a little recap of what happened.
Kjetil will be sharing unique insights on how people use the platform, how users engage with content and how this sets trends and shapes behaviour for the future developments of the platform. 


Design Challenge: The 2030 Journey to Sustainable Development
Nick Hall, Laura Morello, Michela Gusso |DTTT
During this 20 minute session, we will invite you to take part in a design thinking process and tackle your challenges on sustainability.


Facebook & Instagram: Balancing Trending Places on Social

Kjetil Bergtun |Facebook

We are super excited to have Kjetil Bergtun, Head of Travel Nordics at Facebook & Instagram, joining us to talk about how important these platforms really are for travel and the vision of where things are heading from within the social media giant itself.
Kjetil will be sharing unique insights on how people use the platform, how users engage with content and how this sets trends and shapes behaviour for the future developments of the platform. 


End of Day 1 - Let's rock the Town Hall

Thursday 5 December


Welcome back to Global 2019


Start of Day 2


Creating New Experiences with Autonomous Transport 

Oscar Nissin | Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' Smart Mobility Innovation Hub

Travel continues to advance at a rapid pace and not just how we research and experience destinations, but how we get there and its impact on the environment. In this session we will discuss how destinations and companies industry-wide are striving to achieve carbon neutrality and efficiency, looking beyond the traditional modes of transport. From Spring 2019, automated, self-propelled electric minibuses will be travelling the streets of Helsinki with the mission to provide the world's most efficient mobility services.

Global-2019-Oscar-Nissin-Sq (1)


Developing Customer Experience with Digital Solutions

Katja Siberg | Finavia

The role of the airport is inevitable in travel but often may not be considered as an important part of the whole experience. Finavia thinks differently - it is all about the travellers’s total travelling experience, involving all operators along the chain collaborating to provide a seamless travel experience. Helsinki is planning for 30m passengers by 2030 and Finavia are looking to accommodate this growth by developing the journey digitally to enrich the visitor experience.



Make Better Decisions – Improving Tourism Marketing with Real-world Insights of Tourism Flows

Tapio Levä | Telia Finland

People carry their mobile phones wherever they go, it is part of our daily lives without even thinking. By utilising anonymised and aggregated data from mobile networks, destination organisations, tourism companies and event organisers can effectively tailor their services and marketing messages to the right audiences. This talk will showcase how DMOs such as Helsinki Marketing have successfully utilised actionable insights provided by Telia Crowd Insights to improve their engagement and measure true ROI.



Destinations Panel on Big Data

Lucho Perez, Edurne Vidal López-Tormos, Blanca Pérez-Sauquillo, Tapio Levä | Visit Benidorm, Segittur, Tourspain, Telia Finland

Data is the key to success. Big Data, can take this intelligence to the next level! Big data successfully analyses very large and diverse data sets to reveal highly valuable information on customer behaviour and interactions across different touchpoints.
We have selected an interesting mix of DMOs from leading destinations, to discuss the importance of big data, the implementation and the impact. They will each discuss how they work with big data, sharing best practices and case studies.


How can Tech & Innovation Support Sustainable Growth?

Harri Paananen, Kristian Raij, Teemu Terttunen, Teemu Joensuu, Olli Pihlajamaa | City of Espoo, Skipperi, Bout, Zone Atlas, VTT

This session will be full of inspiring innovation, exploring exciting ideas and tackling the question of 'How can tech and innovation support sustainable growth?'. We will be bringing together a group of innovative Start-ups, who will be pitching fresh, new concepts to show how they endeavour to change travel behaviour, with sustainability at the core of their future strategy.



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Embracing New Ways of Storytelling with Voice Apps

Andrea Kostner |Vienna Tourist Board

In 2020, the Austrian city of Vienna will be celebrating the 250th birthday of the legendary composer, Beethoven. Having lived in Vienna most of his life, Ludwig van Beethoven has left behind a true legacy in the city.
To mark this occasion, the Vienna Tourist Board has been busy curating experiences and events around the city, brought to life by its newly launched voice app for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Visitors will get the chance to immerse themselves in the stories and symphonies of Beethoven, in both German and English. We will be joined by the Vienna Tourist Board who will be sharing insights on the inspiration behind this and its success so far.


Succeeding with Paid Content Partnerships as a Dynamic Storytelling Tool

Tracy Lanza |Brand USA

There's nothing more powerful than a good story and dynamic storytelling comes in many different shapes and sizes. Tracy Lanza, Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Brand USA, will be joining us to talk about the DMO's latest integrated marketing campaign, 'Hear the Music, Experience the USA'. Not only does this campaign champion local emerging artists from various cities around the USA, but it uses its musical culture to engage with international travellers, and this is all made possible through a strong brand partnership. Tracy Lanza will share insights behind the process of the campaign and how it has achieved success through collaboration and content partnerships.



Creating a Legacy from Film and Television Partnerships

Brian Twomey, Katarzyna Dygul, Sami Häikiö |Tourism Ireland, Promote Iceland, City of Helsinki

Being the backdrop of one of the most watched TV shows today means one thing for the featured destination, people want to visit. To be able to experience the locations they've seen on screen first-hand, explore in the footsteps of their favourite characters and to feel part of the magic themselves has seen a surge in visitors across these locations. Game of Thrones is a truly global phenomenon, and the many iconic scenes have been filmed in destinations around the world from Croatia to Northern Ireland. This panel will discuss the impact of screen tourism, and how to leverage the power of this to maximise the benefits and opportunities for your destination.





What Role Does Innovation Play for Today's destinations?


Tourism Ireland on using Machine Learning and AI in Digital

Brian Harte | Tourism Ireland

Recent developments in AI and Machine Learning show us where technology is heading at both consumer and enterprise level. For our visitors, ML is now possible with the latest smartphone chips able to process vast amounts of data in real-time, yet further transforming technology enabled experiences.

At an enterprise level, the same technology is changing the very processes which have defined our 'traditional' approach to digital as brands. This is the case both at a productivity level, shifting how we work day-to-day but also when we look at what's possible and our role as destinations.
With this in mind, we're thrilled to welcome Brian Harte back to #DTTT Global for the second time to tell us all about how Tourism Ireland is embracing these developments, making bold strides to incorporate ML and AI into the next iteration of their digital strategy. We can't wait to have our minds challenged.


Transforming the DMO Website through Data, Adaptation and AI

 Markus Dittli |Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism joins us to talk about its brand new website, sharing insights and lessons learnt on the journey of its creation. We will learn how the importance of time, data and market-specific knowledge has shaped the truly immersive site we see today, handling multiple languages and adapting to specific accessibility needs. We will also explore the efficiency of AI and the future of data for personalisation.



Repositioning the Destination Digital First: Visit Wales' Site Redesign

Jon Munro |Visit Wales

In destination marketing branding is not about logos, it’s a holistic, 360-degree approach to crafting, developing and nurturing an identity for the destination. We are excited to have Visit Wales joining us to share the story of how the destination has completely rebranded, revamping its entire digital presence in the process, not only of Visit Wales but on a place branding level too with



This was #DTTTGlobal 2019!



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