Going Live Framework

Live content is by its very nature 'in the moment' - however successful live content is planned and prepared. Live content is a must for social engagement in 2017 and beyond - incorporating engaging Stories and livestreams.
This Going Live planning package will ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of the live content that can help you build a stronger always-on relationship with locals, visitors and potential visitors.
Going Live planning is split into two key areas; content and process. You will receive detailed guidance on both aspects of becoming a successful Live destination.

Pre-planning and audit

Before getting started, from a content perspective we will conduct a thorough audit into your existing content and engagement qualitatively and quantitively, and your previous experimentations with Going Live. From a process perspective, we will provide a form so you can let us know your available resource and structures, as well as the wider business objectives Live will help you to reach.

What we'll look at...

  • Key aims, existing structures, resource allocated including team structure, upcoming events, current planning and implementation infrastructure
  • Existing social channels for signs of what is successful with audiences, qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Conversation around existing experience with Live content

Remote Ideation

  • Remote session with relevant team members on the potential for Live
  • Final summation of the aims and remit of Live before creating the Content and Process deliverables

Part #1
Content guidelines

The first deliverable will be a concise, exciting and immediately actionable set of content guidelines that assigned team members can build into their existing content production and publication. These will be both strategic and creative and will include the following:

Content Guidelines Include

  • Going Live channel breakdown with clear summaries of the purpose of Live on the recommended channels including (as appropriate) Snapchat, Instagram Stories & Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube
  • Creative suggestions for regular Live content from the suggested channels
  • Content suggestions around key upcoming events and campaigns
  • Audience growth plan around key live channels and moments with specific examples of partnerships, influencers
  • Suggested Live content calendar for the next 12 months including daily, weekly, monthly and campaign-led

Part #2
Process guidelines

The second deliverable will guide your organisation through creating the necessary resource, structure and infrastructure to have a strong and effective Live presence.

Process Guidelines Include

  • Materials that can be circulated organisation-wide to encourage necessary Live participation
  • Reporting templates that are aligned to business objectives
  • Recommendations technical / logistic factors i.e. equipment
  • Personalised live planning content templates and checklists for content and production
  • Campaign planning template for integrating Live alongside existing marketing
Jessica riches

Jessica Riches

Content & Engagement Strategist

Jessica Riches is an award-winning social media, content and engagement specialist. Before starting to work as a #DTTT Expert, she worked with a variety of clients including Toshiba, Universal Pictures, the Nike Foundation, Marks & Spencer, the Tower of London, the Green Party and Pottermore. She works creating strategies, delivering training and managing communities.

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