The Netherlands Board of Tourism, KLM Airlines, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Marketing have partnered for a joint effort in its latest video campaign. The video, which has been released earlier this month and  has generated more than 100.000 views during the first week, is a sequel of the successful 2013 campaign ‘Holland - the original cool’.


‘Can cool be taught’ is the question that is posed in the first episode of this three part video series. Holland’s brand ambassador from the original video, Pim de Koel, explores the country’s cultural diversity including art, design, cycling, food and more. An American is taken on a trip to Amsterdam, to see if Holland’s ‘cool factor’ can be taught, even to someone simply on vacation.

The Original Cool Video Campaign
The Original Cool Video Campaign


The campaign, which is primarily aimed at English speaking markets, is supported by a tumblr blog (, which provides images, memes and other unique content related to the video campaign, such as the 7 best spots for selfies in Amsterdam or links to deep level content within the website.

Tumblr campaign blog
Tumblr campaign blog



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