Creative Incubator

The Creative Incubator

The ‘Creative Incubator’ is designed to deliver a powerful content plan on-par with the latest consumer trends and meeting the visitor needs at each stage of the planning cycle.

An international team of experts works intensively on the destination brand stories, through a week-long incubator setting in which ideas can be thrashed out around the brand stories in line with the initial strategic analysis and recommendations previously conducted.

Stakeholder Buy-In

Before developing the creative concepts as part of the Creative Incubator, a dedicated half-day meeting with industry partners is recommended to seek buy-in for the outcomes. This is to secure backing and also investment so that when developing creative ideas, the expert team can take into consideration support from partners in addition.

The Five Day Creative

The process is highly innovative and aims to provide a strong creative focus over a highly productive dedicated five-day period, as outlined below:

Day 1 | Identifying Stories - Led by the Digital Tourism Think Tank and it’s team of experts, an initial pre- pitch ideas session is conducted over a six hour period, where a bucket of ideas is then pitched and discussed with the team, leading to a filtered down and more refined set of ideas.

Day 2 | Creative Mapping - The following day is dedicated to creative development work amongst the expert team, the end of which should produce a clear set of stories and creative requirements in line with the destination’s strategic needs.

Day 3 | Strategic Planning - A full morning is set aside to preparing a complete creative content plan, mapping out the various deliverables alongside suggestive budgets. Each deliverable will outline the requirement, expected outcomes, timeframe for development, distribution and strategic positioning. The afternoon is dedicated to de-briefing with the team and further crystallising the ideas into a final plan, with full acceptance.

Day 4 | Revision & Drafting - Time is set aside here for a consultant to draft all the outcomes of the three intensive incubator days into a clearly laid-out creative plan to be adopted by the organisation.

Day 5 | Scheduling - Further time is set aside in order to continue writing up the solutions but also for cross-check the proposed actions, available budget and possible resource or supplier implications to be considered.

Harnessing a varied set of expertise is critical to ensuring the plans developed are tapping in to the latest consumer trends but also designed within the scope and capabilities of existing resources.

The Production Schedule

Approximately two weeks after completion of the Creative Incubator, our Production Director will be able to prepare a resource schedule with costings. This is a ready-to-go schedule which gives extra additional consideration to production specific needs, such as venue scouting, licenses, permits, contractors, locations, post-production and seeding.


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