Leadership Incubator

The Leadership Incubator

The ‘Leadership Incubator’ is all about the vision of the destination and how this can be realised through an inclusive and participative approach with teams and stakeholders.

We are passionate about helping destinations to demonstrate leadership, through the empowerment of talented people and by delivering creative work with impact and results. This should be projected in its central role within the industry, positioning the DMO positively as a driver of change.

Day 1 | Crafting the Culture and Vision - Defining a clear vision and translating that into the day-to-day ethos of the organisation is key to successful leadership. The first day of the leadership incubator focuses on the how the DMO’s core remit should be defined by a set of values but also ambitions, where collectively teams and partners can work towards a common goal with a sense of pride and ownership of their work.

This day is about creating a foundation for a completely reimagined company ethos and serves as a catalyst for the work that follows in bolstering output and recognition.

Day 2 | Finding the Brand Champions - The second part is all about finding so called ‘champions’ who are capable to demonstrate excellent leadership in their work. They will also be empowered to lead the transformative process. We put hierarchical structure to one side and instead focuses on seeking out talent, with a bottom up approach. Supporting employees to feel empowered and recognised for their, ideas contributions and great work are the foundation of a great organisation and key to encouraging a sense of ‘self-responsibility’ at every level.

Working interactively in an ideas session, plans will be drawn up to help talented individuals stand-out and build an altogether more collaborative and personally accountable workplace towards realising a new vision.

Specific actions will be drafted to also externalise changes and earn recognition and support for the work of the organisation from industry.

Day 3 | Building a Community - The most important part of this process is arguably the need achieve the full backing of stakeholders. To do this, we look at how the organisation can adopt a more inclusive approach, involving industry in the process and shifting the relationship towards a partnership with a joint sense of ownership and greater understanding and respect for the work and leadership shown by the DMO.

Here we look at how to be more proactive in engaging and involving the industry in the process of strategic, product and brand development. This approach includes both taking a more pluralistic approach to communication but also activating the community to be more proactive in the process, through the use of cloud-based collaborative tools and platforms. The community is not only critical for ensuring the backing of stakeholders but also key to securing fundraising and brand partnerships which enable the DMO achieve more.

This incubator will prepare the organisation for a transformative shift, redefining its current modus operandi and moving forwards with a new sense of confidence the pivotal role it must play in the destination’s future role.


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