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The Social Incubator

The Social Incubator is designed to completely transform every aspect of how the organisation performs socially. Taking an outside-in look at the day-to-day operations, the Social Incubator team takes targeted action to conceptualise, plan, and rebuild teams to adopt a ‘social first’ business approach.

The process of social transformation is an exciting point of change within the organisation, where every team member is focused on embracing how developments have impacted on how they interact and engage as part of their job.

By giving teams an exciting new kick-start in social, the incubator will creatively seek out stories which drive conversations around the destination brand and find the influencers who help amplify the message. Combining with the output of the Creative Incubator, a comprehensive plan and schedule will be drawn up to keep the destination fresh, exciting and top-of-mind for potential visitors.

The Social Incubator is typically a five day intensive process:

Day 1 | Identifying the Storytellers - In this first day of the incubator we take a fresh look at how the story of the destination is played out socially. This means looking firstly within the organisation to identify an ambassador or set of ambassadors to tell the destination story. Here we are seeking to identify those with a passion for the city but also team members who have are passionate about their work.

These individuals are to be empowered later on in the process. The second part of this session looks towards the outside, to identify influencers who are already getting people talking about the destination or are influential in a specific vertical.

Day 2 | Social Response & Messaging - Here we look at the importance of social media for the customer service team. We work intensively with the existing customer service and sales teams to put in place a transformative plan which will completely reconfigure the entire operational process and change how social is viewed amongst team members.

The opportunity for this team to embrace the current developments in social is unprecedented and right now the importance of messaging solutions for visitors is just about to be realised. This will take a multi- pronged approach looking at the visitor needs, the commercial needs, the current structure and workflow. We will look at the opportunity to flip everything on its head to become a truly social first organisation, with bold decisions being taken in the process.

Day 3 | Conversion & Impulse - The importance of opinion and reputation has put a wedge in the conversation stage of the visitor buying cycle. Understanding both its impact and the need to take on board the implications is key for the destination’s sales team to grasp.

In this stage we work with the the sales and marketing team to develop those ‘reasons to go’ where social media plays a key role in driving conversion as well as impulse decision making. This is where there is an opportunity for fostering excellent relationships with the industry to cross promote events, offers and experiences. Here we design a clear framework where the destination’s sales and marketing team can directly support stakeholders from placing visitor experiences ‘top of mind’ year round to building buzz and momentum in sync with the pulse of the destination.

Day 4 | Skills & Training Needs - Today, skills and training takes on a whole different meaning and the focus is all about designing a ‘made to fit’ professional development plan whilst seeing capacity building through a process of co-creation and collaboration. The focus here is to harness the different talents and perspectives brought by everybody.

Throughout the incubator process, an extensive and drilled down approach will allow the expert team to develop a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and hidden heroes within the organisation. This day is used to then develop that into a professional tailored made development plan for each department, where key skills sets will be assessed and a programme for development will be put in place. This will include both knowledge and mentoring needs as well as training on cloud based tools and how to get the most out of them in the day-to-day workflow.

Day 5 | Asana Resource Planning - The final part of the incubator process is to put all of the outcomes into an operational resource plan that can be followed day-to-day throughout the organisation. We encourage here the use of collaborative tools such as Asana which have a transformative result on the way teams work, communicate and collaborate.

The resource planning stage is all about putting in place an internal social structure that facilitates a more seamless workflow leading to markedly better and more confident performance. In this stage we look at how the organisation can shift to a flatter more pluralistic bottom-up workflow processes, where individual strengths can be brought out whilst a culture of responsibly can be fostered.


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