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Influencer Marketing is a key priority for every DMO but getting it right requires time and research which can be difficult to find time for. Working with #DTTT Expert Isabel, we've designed a remote design service which allows her to work as your extended team member, conducting influencer research on your behalf and working with your team to bring the whole trip together.

Unlike working with blogger collectives, you put your trust in a seasoned expert who works solely for you, with your interests and needs at heart. Helping to get influencer marketing on-board as part of your routine workflow is easier with a remote team helping you.


Influencer Outreach & Planning Advice

In this phase your ideas for the influencer trip. The itinerary of the influencer trip has an impact on the amount of content that is going to be created and the quality of the content produced. What is the best way to invite influencers? What is a good itinerary for influencers? It’s important that an influencer trip consists out of those elements that each element matches well with the influencer.  


Influencer Selection Process

The influencers are selected based on eight different criteria. After the itinerary and planning phase, a shortlist of five influencers who are able to join the trip our provided.

Influencers are selected based on relevance and their reach within the target group (number of followers and influence on the network). Niche bloggers, travel bloggers, vloggers, Instragrammers, are all considered. The influencers are identified through Isabel's own online research within the various markets that are relevant for the DMO.

Measuring Results

  • The amount of content that will be created by the influencers
  • The amount of social media interactions (tweets, FB posts, Instagram posts, hashtag)
  • The reach of all the content (blog, Instagram, social media channels)

Standard Service

  • Drilled down selection of 5 influencers that match the destination
  • Highest content standard and authority of influencers

Extending Scope

  • Influencer Marketing Workshop
  • Paid Targeting
  • Ongoing Reporting
Dest Transform Isabel

Isabel Mosk

Social Business & Strategy

Isabel is seen as a progressive thinker in destination marketing and is renowned for her thorough knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing and social media within tourism. She has worked with many DMO’s and tourism business and worked at the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions as an online consultant.

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