Introducing the Leaders | Campus

The #DTTT's Leaders Campus is a coming together of more than five years exploring, researching, developing and educating DMOs and their industry partners on transformation. With our knowledge, insight and expertise we've developed a programme to turn leaders into change makers.

The programme has been designed with Destination and Industry needs in mind and can be adapted to suit DMO needs as well as the needs of their industry partners.

The course structure has been developed with the input of an extensive range of experts. Each module is delivered by an experienced #DTTT Expert who adapts to the needs of participants. 

Designed for professionals, the five modules are delivered in person or virtually with committed days of Campus learning, delivering input on set topics with the help of Campus learning material.

Learning and exercises are based on professional needs of participants. Learning is case study driven to keep it engaging and participants work in teams throughout.

Augmenting the support given in person or virtually and to keep the conversation active year-round, Slack is used as a team chat application to connect with each other and mentors.

Beyond the workroom, participants each get access to the #DTTT Launchpad, where they can do further reading from hundreds of trends, reports, case studies, talks, insights and usable templates.

Campus | Modules

The Leaders Campus is designed to build on professional experience, which is why it has been designed to work around professional life. We've designed the programme around five key modules, which will take you from Leadership and Mindset through the Digital Marketing Funnel to Measurement and Performance.


In this module we introduce Transformation to participants, helping them understand how digital is impacting processes from the trends consumers are embracing to change in the workplace and our approach to tackling it. 

This module focuses heavily on the digital leadership and how to become a champion and lead positive change.


This module is the bedrock of the rest of the course, introducing key strategic principals that underpin successful strategies, matching the needs of both DMOs and businesses at different stages in the visitor buying cycle.

This module focuses on the visitor journey teaching strategic tactics, needs, content, social, media and targeting.


Content marketing has become one of the most important priorities for succeeding in digital marketing today. This module focuses on how to create a strong brand identity through content and engage others to be brand advocates. 

This module focuses on understanding the difference roles of content and approaches to using content at each stage.


Social media matched with mobile has been one of the biggest disruptive factors in marketing in the last ten years. In this module participants will learn how to succeed in social by learning to engage with the always-on social mobile visitor.

This module focuses on social media skills and strategy from social service, to experiences, real-time-marketing.


Becoming a successful marketer requires an astute understanding of performance and how to use and interpret metrics to inform marketing decisions. Participants will learn to measure performance with a range of tools and platforms.

This module focuses on different ways to measure results, setting up visitor journeys and goals and how to evaluate ROI.

Campus | Support

Beyond the work room, we've designed the Leaders Campus to continue through online discussion, additional support and further reading. Connect with others, share ideas, ask questions collaborate on joint projects at any time throughout the programme.

When joining Leaders Campus each group is given their own Slack Team, allowing them to join discussion threads related to the course modules and share ideas and work in real time with team mates mentors and module leaders, near or far.

The unique global make-up of the #DTTT allows participants in the Leaders Campus to tap into the knowledge of experts from around the world. Mentors will be assigned at different stages to help guide thinking with support accessible through Slack.

Every module has been carefully prepared with module workbooks to support all of the course learnings as participants progress. In addition, the #DTTT has made a series of additional material and templates available for additional optional coursework.

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