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Sustainability Leadership Programme

In this series you can find all the templates for activities introduced in the Sustainability Leadership Programme for destinations to help their employees become sustainability leaders within the organisation.

Business Resources

Ih this Series, you can find all the information needed for the Tourism & Travel industry to understand challenges, become increasingly resilient and plan for recovery.

Industry Support Programme

This series provides you with a comprehensive guide on employing Design Thinking methods to identify challenges in the industry, define a robust strategy, adapting products and experiences as well introducing new ones.


Sustainability Leadership Programme

12 Stages of Transformation


If you're looking for advisory support, we're here to help. Simply contact us by choosing any of the options below or read FAQs underneath.


Why are Advisory Plans only for members?

The service is designed as an add-on for members who would like to have the benefit of a senior team always at-hand and fully integrated into your team's workflow. The price model has been designed to be inexpensive, pinpointed and highly valuable. As a member, we can offer you this affordable price point as getting to know you is part of that membership relationship.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No, you can cancel your Advisory Plan at anytime. If you just want some extra support or input for a single month, that's fine with us. As support is usually better when it's integrated to your workflow over time, we do by default provide this only as a rolling plan to avoid unnecessary administrative hurdles, but it can be cancelled with a simple request.

Can I use Advisory Plans to support my industry?

Yes, we actually have two types of Advisory Plan for members, both at the same price point but with very different aims. The Industry Plan allows you to offer one-to-one micro consulting or business coaching to your stakeholders bookable through their dashboard or a white labelled booking tool integrated into your site. Businesses can schedule a call, explain their business needs and get highly actionable specific advice helping them grow and become more competitive.

How can my team get the most out of Advisory?

We recommend taking Advisory with the aim of using it to help you with a specific project over time. To help you see where we fit in, in the first month we'll develop a Project Plan, setting out a suggestion of the different points we can jump in and help - as a member of your extended team. We can then suggest a plan of action which might include some workshops, supplier evaluation, expert opinion or quality control and testing. It's up to you and your team how we support them.

What kind of support is provided with Advisory?

There is no strict rule on where we can or cannot support you and if we feel like we can't provide the support you need we will also let you know. Here are just a few examples of the areas in which we can jump in and provide you with an expert view, pooling our long-standing expertise, with in-depth knowledge of destinations alongside subject-matter expertise.

  1. Board of Directors Independent Advisors
  2. Leadership, Change & Transformation
  3. Sustainability & Stewardship
  4. Digital Strategy, Development & Marketing
  5. Specialised Project Partner


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