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We are excited to be launching our brand new programme, ‘The 12 Stages of Transformation’. A service for Destination Marketing Organisations to transform the processes of their organisation to predict, respond and adapt to the shifting needs of today’s digital visitor.

The way people are travelling today is changing continuously in terms of what they want to experience, where they want to go, how they are inspired, how they plan their trips and how they engage with destinations. As such, the travel industry is becoming an increasingly competitive space so it is crucial for destinations to be aware, stay up to date with the ever-changing needs of visitors and most importantly, make sure the DMO is digital ready.

There are several destinations currently leading the way in digitalisation and recognising the importance of transforming strategies and practices in line with the changing industry. Copenhagen is actively embracing the emergence of a new traveller type and the opportunities that come with 'localhood', a term coined by the DMO that describes the new momentum and experience that the tourist board will focus on. While Finland are leading the way in its mission to become a smart destination by 2020, focused on digitalising its product, making full use of open data and developing an efficient digital ecosystem throughout the destination to provide a seamless visitor experience.
It is time for destinations to shift their thinking from DMO to DxO, thinking more creatively in order to adapt to ever-changing visitor needs by way of collaboration, transparency, productivity and design thinking to embrace digital.

We have developed this framework as a direct result of recent projects and common challenges we have seen with our clients, and from this, recognising the fundamental requirements to help DMOs embrace new opportunities of an always-on, digitally connected visitor to create and deliver the best visitor experience possible.

This incredible series of packs is built on the great work we've been doing in transformation, working to help large and small DMOs change every aspect of their inner workings to be more digitally agile in the future.

As we have recently done with a major City Break Destinations in Europe, the process involved undertaking extensive audits and research, 1 to 1 interviews and workshops, equipping the team with practical tools needed to transform. At the end, we provide a detailed recommendation plan based on the principles of design thinking, teamwork and digitalisation at the centre, ready to action.

The programme is based on an all-encompassing twelve point methodology, taking a long-term view examining all aspects to re-build organisations around their visitor’s needs, and how industry and DMOs can better respond to them to gain and maintain the competitive edge in the future.

The 12 stages of the Transformation for destinations are;

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The transformation process is based on a real-life workflow, involving everything from project planning to collaborative design thinking and defining key deliverables on stages and milestones. In addition to that, the DTTT effectively become an extended team, providing on-going support, specialist input and project management when needed.

Each month we will be launching the next chapter of the series exclusive to Launchpad members, with everything you need to transform your DMO including:

- Selection of Case Studies & Talks
- A pack of material with video tutorials
- Plug and play Asana and Mural templates
- Step by step guidance through online-learning

We are looking forward to sharing all the tools we use in our consulting toolbox for DMOs who want to 'go it alone' but could do with a framework, some extra support, and heaps of cases, examples and templates to work from as they do that.
If you would like to discuss how to get started, get in touch with the team today and we’ll take the first steps towards your destination’s transformation. If you are not a member yet, we can help with that too! Please get in touch and start your DMO journey today.

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