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There is no doubt about the importance of Smartphones and tablets in Asia Pacific as a region. Mobile devices are certainly on the rise, with consumers in countries across the region adopting Smartphones and tablets at a fast pace. However, for travel apps, it is a completely different story. This means there is great potential and mobile apps are seen as great opportunities for marketers to tap into. What other trends can be identified for business to tap into? In the following key trends for Asia Pacific will be discussed and reflected on (Hotelmarketing 2013).


Consumers in the region are using smartphones and tablets, however with regards to businesses’ point of view towards these smart devices, a disconnect can be identified. In fact, 83% of respondents see technology and mobile devices impacting on their business. However, only 33% of businesses who see technology as beneficial are actually implementing mobile web or native apps. In Asia Pacific, only 10% of businesses provide a solution for mobile flight or hotel bookings, even less businesses provide the ability to amend or change bookings and only one in seven businesses made a specific tablet app. This is quite surprising and shows the big opportunities arising from the still existing disconnect.


There are two sets of business travellers: the ones that book corporate travel by themselves and the ones that actually have colleagues that book travel or outsource booking services to an external agency. For those business travellers booking travel arrangements themselves, mobile apps that can facilitate them can be a great advantage. Especially when bookings are needed last minute maybe even while already travelling. Tourism providers should therefore see how they can facilitate travellers by either providing mobile web sites that travellers can access or native apps.

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