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Tourism Australia is advertising the 'Best Job in the World' again this year and is teaming up with industry and State and Territory tourism partners in a new campaign targeting the international market of young people aged between 18-30. The youth segment is quite important for Australia’s tourism as in 2012 it contributed A$ 12 billion of spending and made up a quarter of the country’s international visitors. Following the success of Tourism Queensland in 2009 advertising their Best Job in the World, Tourism Australia is now doing an even bigger competition (Tourism Australia).

The 6 Best Jobs in the World

Each of Australia’s six States and Territory Tourism Organisations is offering a job in the competition. The very unique jobs come with an attractive six month salary for the winners worth A$ 100,000 including living costs. For the winners, the jobs will mean a unique opportunity in Australia. The 6 Best Jobs in the World are:

- Chief Funster (New South Wales)

- Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory)

- Park Ranger (Queensland)

- Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)

- Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne)

- Taste Master (Western Australia)

Competition entrants

150 people from 35 countries have been shortlisted after submitting creative video entries reflecting the diversity of the applicants. The US have the most candidates with 33, followed by the UK with 23, Australia with 17, France 17, Canada 8 and Italy 5. So quite a range of nationalities are still in the running for the Best Job in the World.

Shortlisted candidates

From over 45,000 videos, 25 videos for each job were selected and shortlisted. Now, the 150 candidates have some time to support their entries by submitting references to support their applications. In June, Tourism Australia will announce the winners of the six Best Jobs in the World. Already, the campaign has caused a buzz around it and seems a good start to Tourism Australia’s marketing push to promote tourism opportunities in Australia through their Working Holiday Maker programme. Tourism Australia is making use of the potentials of the youth market by attracting young people to apply for the Best Job in the World. The second edition of this creative idea will increase people’s awareness about holiday opportunities in the country. It will be very interesting to see the future implications of this campaign on young people travelling to Australia and making use of the working holiday programme.


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