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Staying at home but looking for something exciting to do? How about controlling a helicopter in the Faroe Islands? Well, now this is possible...Pushing the boundaries and taking virtual tourism to a whole new level is Visit Faroe Islands with their groundbreaking and highly innovative and interactive remote tourism experience. At the #DTTT we love to see a destination's creativity when it comes to inspiring visitors and this initiative is a great example. Visit Faroe Islands offers visitors the chance to experience the virtual trip of a lifetime, whilst giving them a glimpse of what the Faroe Islands has to offer.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak hit the Faroe Islands, tourists have had to cancel or postpone their trips. However, remote tourism has now been redesigned. Through the Visit Faroe Islands remote-tourism initiative, visitors will be able to explore the Faroe Islands by interacting live with a local Faroese, who will act as their eyes, ears and body on a virtual exploratory tour of the country. Visitors will be able to visit the country virtually with no limits.

Just like in a real-life computer game, virtual visitors will not only be able to see the views from an on-the-spot perspective, but also control where and how they explore, by using their computer or phone keypad to turn, walk, run and even jump. This innovative technology allows visitors to explore locations on foot, by boat and also take to the skies by helicopter, getting a bird’s eye view of the beautiful, unspoilt, wild and natural countryside in the Faroe Islands. 

For people who are missing travel at the moment, a virtual tour with Visit Faroe Islands offers the perfect solution. This initiative makes virtual travel fun, exciting and showcases the best of the Faroe Islands, inspiring visitors and keeping the destination top of mind. When looking at inspiring campaigns during COVID-19, these are key marketing techniques that DMOs can use and develop:

Virtual Reality

Every DMO can enhance their destination using virtual reality (VR), which has been on the rise significantly in recent years and now it's really coming into its own. Early virtual experiences like the Google Art Project showed us what is possible with virtual reality but now, the investment in virtual experiences is really paying off. 

Travel Portland is a great example of using Virtual Reality effectively. It has created the #PortlandTogether website, which features resources to keep its residents entertained, from virtual yoga classes to live streams of the local zoo.

Any DMO can help their industry to create remote and virtual events, their creativity is really the only limit. It is essential that DMOs follow the ongoing trends and invest in unique and innovative marketing campaigns in order to be seen as a source influencing people’s travel decisions. 


Gamification has become a growing trend with DMOs. A great example of a destination doing just this in a different context is LAAX who developed the Inside LAAX App. As well as allowing visitors to book tickets for the slopes, book meals, and find out about events and directions, the app also acts as a way to gamify visitor's LAAX experience.

LAAX does this through creating Leaderboards that allow visitors to compare their statistics to each other and compete with both friends and strangers. The Inside LAAX app has leaderboards for the number of days, lifts and vertical slopes. The 'Inside LAAX' app also has a built-in friends function, allowing you to add friends, both friends you came with and friends you make at the destination, and see what they are doing on the mountains.

'Inside LAAX' further adds to the gaming experience by offering visitors different badges for the different things they have done, and operating on a points system, in which visitors can use points they gained to unlock rewards and souvenirs. For new members who are interested in learning more, we have a detailed LAAX case study which you can access here.

Virtual Destinations, Remote Tourism

Many DMOs and industry businesses are using virtual experiences and remote gamification in their campaigns, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen great examples of this from a number of destinations which are inspiring visitors from the comfort of their own homes. These initiatives include:

  • Virtual activities
  • Virtual classes
  • Virtual tours
  • Live streams
  • Online events
  • Remote tourism
  • Gamification

In the current climate, these virtual experiences offer people much needed escapism. They are not going to replace the travel experience, but are going to keep people interested in travelling when they can actually go. The people embracing this technology now will be at the forefront when we can travel again. For all of us travel has changed, and this is only the beginning.

For members, we have a comprehensive list of resources and examples of DMOs using Virtual Reality and Gamification available within our Member Community. We have also scheduled a live video chat with Levi Hanssen from Visit Faroe Islands. Why not join today?

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