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The Digital Tourism Think Tank conducted a full Digital Transformation assessment and organisational audit of Visit Brussels, looking at every single aspect of the organisation and its digital activities. 

Using our carefully curated 12-step approach, we reviewed the organisation from a completely holistic perspective, analysing everything from the organisational structure to the visitor cycle and products & experiences. 

The objective was to work closely with the Visit Brussels team through an in-depth process of co-creation and collaboration, working to identify challenges, strengths and weaknesses, and to establish future solutions and opportunities. This also involved exploring questions Visit Brussels had on an array of topics such as marketing campaigns, UGC collaborations, the role of the DMO website, and decentralising digital communications. 

Analysis was needed to identify challenges and opportunities with regards to the brand, markets and content, with a view to overhaul the entire digital presence and most importantly, to align all 160 team members across 6 departments of the organisation to a common view of digital going forward.


The work with Visit Brussels ran over a 6-month period, whereby the #DTTT became an extended part of the team, undertaking the full digital transformation process using the Digital Tourism Think Tank’s 12 part methodology. 

This engaged every person in the whole organisation from top to bottom, and consisted of a series of weekly sprints and one-to-one interviews with team members. For the weekly sprints, an interactive MURAL for each of the 12 stages were left in offices and common areas each week, inviting the VB team to freely collaborate both online and offline.  

In addition to this, our team led Design Thinking workshops covering topics on Values, Markets, Content and Digital Strategy, providing a thorough and in-depth audit report in addition to a recommendation report with over 60 comprehensive action points ready for implementation. 

Key Facts

  • 50 one-to-one meetings
  • 8 weekly sprints
  • 4 interactive workshops
  • Detailed expert analysis
  • Full competitor analysis
  • Full transformation audit
  • Concept & idea development


The #DTTT delivered a two-year change management roadmap, structured into six key areas;

  • Structural and Role changes
  • Plans and Strategic guidelines
  • Process and Technological change
  • Web and Digital development
  • Brand and Engagement impact
  • Knowledge and Advocacy

The roadmap is the foundation of a total overhaul of Visit Brussel’s entire digital presence. It included a new website development, establishing new content teams, new content plans, and the creation of specific personas for key markets. 

“I was positively surprised about the rich process and in-depth analysis of the project, and the work that went into really listening and understanding not just the figures but the people, the work and the destination.” - Frederic Trauwaen - Marketing & Sales Director

Since working with the DTTT, Visit Brussels has further collaborated with external companies and agencies to implement a Global Digital Strategy that incorporates a Digital Experience strategy and the development of a new website. The project is still in progress, with plans to launch around Summer 2021.

Key Learnings

  • Design thinking is one of the key principles of the entire process, and enables teams to freely explore thoughts and ideas, bringing together new perspectives and working with colleagues you may not cross paths with day-to-day. 
  • The transformation series is very much a human-centric process based on organisation-wide involvement which creates a real sense of being part of something and encouraging a sense of ownership in bringing forward ideas. This process of working was really appreciated by the whole organisation which in turn generated some great work. 
  • Passion and co-creation is truly the foundation of this project and fundamental for generating change. The Visit Brussels team were a hugely passionate team and had high expectations for the outcome. Together with our passion, this made for a really great collaboration and achieved some fantastic work which without the process of co-creation and learning together would not have been possible. 


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